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Friday, February 1, 2013

Like a Dove Over a Flood of Death and Deep Waters

Well, I see that the world has survived yet into another day, and I am here to see it, by the will of God.  I want to make use of this day and advance His kingdom.  I want what I do, and say and think today  to serve only to glorify Him.

I want to grace the world around me like the dove whose gentle, plaintive cry I am hearing at this moment.  I doubt whether anyone besides myself can hear her.  But her voice and her expression will be passed on from me to you - my readers - who may then pass the message on to others.  God will give it wings as it pleases Him.

Heavenly Father, plant your message in my heart this morning - then give it wings to go where You will that it goes.  May it find a home in the hearts of all You have chosen, like the dove which Noah set free from the ark when the rain had stopped (Genesis 8:11).  She did not return void of the new life but brought Him a freshly picked olive leaf.  Eventually she did not come back at all, but established a new life in this world.

Amidst the flood of immorality, disease and ungodliness, let my voice go out as a dove over the murky waters of death, bringing life to the hearts you have prepared.

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