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Sunday, July 6, 2014

The Shepherd King Part 7

Shepherd King
Part 7

I couldn't dress the wounds and cuts and bruises the goblins had left me with, because I couldn't reach my back. I was learning though, to be content in whatever circumstance
I found myself. I found that what I thought I needed was not always what I really needed. I was becoming grateful for what I DID have.

One day, I came upon a village of giants. They were evil beings and were hardly able to get along with each other. They were dedicated to killing all who were in the service of the shepherd king. They had great physical strength, and that coupled with the attack on the mind made them unstoppable conquerors and soldiers of the fiercest kind. They were hideous.

I stuck to my narrow path and did not veer to the right or the left. I was spotted by some of these ungraceful and grotesque warriors. My heart nearly stopped as they began running towards me. I froze. But a funny thing happened. When they got close enough they reached out with swords and their large hands trying to take my head off, or pull me apart, and they found there was an invisible shield around me. I was sealed. They couldn't touch me.

I found my best weapon to be the Word of the Shepherd King – all in my book. These giants could easily have killed me (and on more than one occasion they did try). Indeed, I did not have the strength I had started out with. I was slow and clumsy. Passersby on the narrow road I was on, would stare at me, indicating with their eyes how useless and ugly they deemed me to be. Some laughed at me. The Shepherd King did not show Himself on these occasions, but He was there............... I knew He was there.

The hair on the back of my neck would raise up whenever one of these giants came near. I could feel their eyes when they were staring at me, but eventually the tables turned and THEY feared ME. I was so devoted to the Shepherd King that my light had grown brighter and brighter. They couldn't stand the light and would retreat whenever it would shine forth with sunbeams looking like golden ladders reaching from heaven to earth. I had almost no strength to fight with anymore, but I would read the words in my book that said, “I can do all things through the Shepherd King who strengthens me.” The book told me that the Shepherd King would fight for me, and that He would never leave me. It even told me that my life had purpose. I was not some kind of coincidental mishap that fate had raised up from the the random mixture of my ancestor's DNA.

And so I continued on my journey – a different person than when I started out.

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