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Friday, December 26, 2014


Merry Christmas!  I had a wonderful and quiet christmas this year.  I am very aware of the wonder and awe of celebrating the birth of my saviour - Jesus - in the city of David - Bethlehem.  He came to earth for me and you and took on the semblance of a man.  He is fully man and fully God.  I am now righteous because of His shed blood for me.  I proclaim my need for a saviour.  I claim the lives of my children for Jesus.

I awoke this morning at 3 and felt burdened to pray for my grandchildren and my children.  I am still wide awake and it's almost 5.  I would like to share with you, some thoughts on prayer for our children.  I believe God has shown me these things:

Don't get discouraged over what seems to be unanswered prayer for your precious children.  I have prayed for going on 35 yrs now for some of mine, and have seen no visible result.  When I took this to God and asked Him to help me pray for them, I believe He gave me this:  two words...........
seed germination.  

Perhaps you are like me in that you have sown many many seeds for Christ in your child's life.  You have taught them Who Jesus is,  You have seen that many of those seeds have sprouted and grown, but not all.  You have also made mistakes and sown some bad seed.  You may have lived a sinful life before them, giving them the example of quenching the Spirit and of sin and defeat.  This cannot change the fact that you have also sown good seed.

Many of those good seed did not germinate , and just like the farmer growing crops there seems to be no reason for this.  Both the seed that germinated and the seed that did not, got water, sun, weeding etc., but for some reason not all sprouted and grew.  Now is the time to pray to your heavenly Father that He would cause all of those seed to germinate now.  Remind Him that we sowed good seed, and now are praying for Him to cause growth.

It is our job to sow - and God's job to cause growth.

Heavenly Father, please bring forth the life that is still hiding within the good seeds we have sown.  You have told us that Your word does not go out and return void, but always accomplishes that for which it has gone out.

Think this over, and begin praying.  He is waiting to hear from you .  He loves your children .

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