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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Be Smart

Is there a weariness setting in on you these days?  Does there seem to be more to tend to than you are capable of, and do you ever get to the end of your list?  I think this is a sign of the times we live in.  I believe that we are in the terminal generation.  You may not agree with me, and you may dismiss that idea altogether.  But one thing is for sure.  The world is changing so fast it makes my head spin.  People are redefining good and evil, and they have thrown out the old morality and brought in one to their liking.  Power in the world is shifting.  Relationship is easily replaced with the fascinating electronic play things, and we don't socialize like we once did.  And I think you would agree that there is a certain power that resides in the world and in the heart of man that is evil.  

I want to encourage you to count the minutes you have in each day, and don't waste any of them.  We are running out of time.  Every day brings us closer to the unknown.  All our efforts have only served to complicate things, and leave us bound to what can only be a place of unimagined dangers.  It has become a world where only "useful" people are valued.  The disabled are discarded.  

Here is the good news:  Each one of us has been chosen to live at this time.  We have all been gifted if we are His children.  We have even been given protective gear.  We are called to battle evil.  Whatever time we have left, there is still time to spend it learning to stay alive in this darkness that can be more felt than seen.  

We must learn to discern at a moment's notice what is most important and what is just important.  I believe one of Satan's tactics here at the end, is to get our attention on the wrong things and miss the opportunities that God has given us.  If Satan can keep us from praying about things of God's choosing, and asking for all the wrong things, then he has defeated us.

And don't think that defeat is not a possibility. We must not coddle any sin and we must know how to listen to Him.  Pray! Ask Him to take you where He would have you go, and encounter those people of His choosing, and put the right words on your tongue.  These are the little things that make us victorious and powerful.  Leave no small thing undone, for it is in the small things that you are proved faithful.  

I wish I could write you a book!  There is so much to say..........  But perhaps this will encourage you and help you in your walk.  I hope so.  We must encourage one another! 

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