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Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day

Yesterday was Mother's Day. I wonder who might be reading this blog....... Any mothers out there? What do holidays have to do with Parkinson's Disease? Having Parkinson's Disease has taught me a thing or two about getting through holidays.
I know we all have expectations and wonderful memories when it comes to special anniversaries or celebrations. And some of us have associations with these special days that we would prefer to forget. But no matter what the past IS just that - the past. It has something to do with the present, but the knowledge of it should be used to keep us moving forward.
Based on the past, our hopes for the future can be a recipe for disaster....... So, what do I have to say about all this? I have found that no matter what day it is, something is bound to sadden or disappoint me. It is a temptation to be pulled under the blanket of depression. But this is where I have a choice. I can live the rest of the day out as a victim of dashed hopes, or I can use the past to remind me that there have been days I have faced worse......... Gratitude floods my being as I experience relief that I am not repeating those dark days or WORSE. My outlook changes. Today doesn't seem so bad anymore. I have choices to make that will bless me and those around me or not. I choose blessing. Lord, help me to always choose your green pastures........

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Nat said...

I am a 50 year old diagnosed last year with PD. Found your blog in searching for Christians & PD. Thinking about starting a Facebook page for Christians with PD. WHat do you think?

I Just started a support group (NOT just for CHristians) in the Chicago suburbs. Don't know how people survive without Jesus. Natalie