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Monday, August 2, 2010

Prayer Lists

Sometimes, the more problems I have, the more I talk to God. Wait a minute...... I should omit the word, "sometimes". That's definitely true. When my body is not functioning right, suffering drives me into the presence of God. That's all good. My expression of sorrow and pain to God on many levels is a healthy thing. My requests for healing are good. But sometimes prayer can become a long long list of things I want Him to change. It can even be lists of ways I think would be best for changing those things. I know I've gotten off the track when that's the bulk of my prayers.
This morning while at a Bible study and during a time of worship, I wrote this from my heart:

Heavenly Father,

I bow before You in stunned silence. I worship You without words. Unhindered by boundaries of speech or sight, but secure in all my knowledge of you - because You are who You say You are. You have proven Yourself by all You are and all You have done. You are my God and my Savior. O redeemer and lover of my soul, bring me perfectly through this world and into Your presence. My joy will know no bounds. O, Pearl of great price - nowhere in all of creation is there one like You. You are perfection. I cannot fathom the fulness of this truth - so I worship - wordless and in the silence that is mighty in praise for you. You are beautiful beyond description!

He will see to all that creeps up into my mind to worry me. I will remember not to dwell on worries, or waste time asking for what He has already given. I'm gonna rest because I trust Him.

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