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Saturday, September 11, 2010

When it all Falls Apart

Do you ever feel like everything is going wrong? It's very confusing and painful. It seems that at times everything I know to be true is tested. When bad news comes, or betrayal, or rejection - when you expected a harvest but along came drought - when all that you did in God's name seems to have fallen apart – when you tried to do everything right, but your efforts amounted to no more than a dream irrevocably shattered, then I turn my face to Him. I bring Him my broken heart and weak spirit. I hand Him my frail faith and weary soul. If all I can do is crawl into His presence, He welcomes me. With arms so strong, wrapped around me, He is my shield – a respite from the battle. Rest comes in the midst of turmoil. The only thing that makes sense is His extravagant, crazy, illogical, relentless love for me.

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