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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Where Angels Can't Go

"When God withdraws the light, He is trying to teach us that there is something better than light - faith." (a quote from Ronald Dunn's book called "When Heaven is Silent"

Faith is what enables us to hold onto God. It's how we please Him. Faith in Jesus Christ is what makes us righteous in the eyes of God. Faith is knowing the character of God. Faith doesn't make life easy, it defines it. According to my belief, I will live my life. When I don't have scientific proof of something that God says is true, then faith bridges that gap.

While on this earth, we humans have the opportunity to do something that angels can only gaze at with a sense of wonderment as we go about living by faith and pleasing God. They live in the presence of God and SEE Him, so there is no need for faith. You see, it's only in the darkness - when we can't see - that faith is employed. Now while we live in the darkness of this fallen earth, for such a very short while, we have many many opportunities to live out God's truth in the face of all doubt or "evidence" otherwise. One day, we will pass from faith, across the bridge of death, into sight, and there will be no more need for faith.

Adversity and affliction give us opportunity to exercise our faith. It is the belief at midnight that the Creator will bring about the dawn. Practice your faith in God while there is still opportunity.

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