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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Beauty Coming into Focus

It's a gloomy day. Earlier we had snow flurries and then some sleet mixed with rain. Yep, it's a gloomy day. The sun is hiding. This little body is sooooo done with winter! I'm warm and snug though. I'm at home. I have a few aches and pains, but things could be MUCH worse. So I'm grateful. Years ago, when I was strong and young being grateful didn't come nearly as easily as it does now. It's not until you lose something that you know just how much you appreciate it. Losing health is like that. You take for granted strength, grace and health. It seems to me that as earthly things grow dim, heavenly things come into focus.

You know, I think that soundness and beauty are not so much physical as they are invisible and can be found in a heart. Sometimes I feel beautiful.

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