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Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Don't you grow weary of being self-centered? No matter how we may try not to, we seem to make everything about "us". Though I really appreciate someone caring enough about me to ask how I am, I get so tired of explaining what's wrong with me. I grow tired of working around all of my doctor's appointments and having to consider me, me, me. What if we asked God to give us a heart for others? I mean a REAL heart for others. What if we went through a whole day listening? I mean REALLY listening. What if we never thought about what WE would receive from people, but at the end of a day knowing that we had given to others.
I want to be free from self. I want to be other- conscious instead of self-conscious. What a joy that would be.
Heavenly Father, in my humaness, by myself I cannot be other-centered. But You are. Please release me from selfish goals and habits. Please fill my heart with love for others. Change me. Lord I trust you to take care of me, so I won't worry and get anxious over things I can't control. Lord, set me free to love others unselfishly. Thank you, Lord!


nancy trump said...

your thoughts & well-crafted words encouraged me once again, sweet sister... thank you for your prayer... the best way to enter the night... love you always

Anonymous said...

Amen to this post, Anna. I've wasted so much time thinking about ME. I want... I feel... Help me... Give me...
My focus is way off. I should be focused on Christ and that will allow me to focus on other people.

Makes me think of that Toby Keith song, "I Wanna Talk about Me".

Anna said...

Thanks, as always, for both of your comments. I love knowing what you think.