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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Talk to Me

Yesterday, I made a new friend. I met her over the phone. We instantly found a repoire - a closeness that you sometimes feel immediately with someone you meet. We engaged in conversation for over an hour.

This morning, I sat on our front porch and conversed with my son's friend. It had the feel of older days gone by when life seemed simpler and there was time for talk.

Conversation is an art quickly disappearing. We have "advanced" into the days of instant gratification and multi-tasking with our fancy gadgets. We can text on our cell phones, keep an eye on the GPS and drive our car while back home our oven turns on automatically and our lights are set on a timer so we don't come home to a dark house.

We have given first place to accomplishing tasks and not even a close second to spending time and just talking to people. Eye to eye contact, body language, our voice and the tone in which we speak are all different ways we communicate which can in no way be replicated in a hand held device or any other gadget.

Jesus came to the earth Himself to communicate God's love to you and to me. When I speak to Him and spend time with Him, I soak Him in. I am comforted and calmed. Problems become much smaller in light of my closeness to Him.

Having PD, I will tell you that stress takes its toll on my body and mind. But when I take my stressed out self into the presence of the God who calls Himself Truth and Love, then I am able to "be still and know that He is God."

Take time today to spend with your Lord. Take time today to enjoy talk with someone. You may think you can't "waste" your time just talking, but can you really afford not to? I'm headed back outside to the front porch...

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