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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Behind a Cloud

It's hard to sit down and write today. I feel that I don't have anything positive to contribute today. I don't feel wise, or knowledgeable or that I have anything at all worth sharing. I am beset with memories and pieces of conversations that remind me I have failed at so many things in the past.

Everyone has days like this or periods of time when the sun seems to be behind a cloud.... I think the antidote for this darkness that grips me is to meditate and ponder and gaze upon Truth. I can't fix myself or lift myself up and out of this dark fog, but in the very midst of it I can lift my head and raise my eyes to look upon all that really matters: my Lord Jesus Christ. He is perfection. He is mercy, and grace, and justice all rolled into one. What He has done for me is too wonderful for words.

Thank you, Lord that there is healing in your presence.

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