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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

How You Think....It's Your Choice

I'll be going to Texas (my home) with my husband for a few days. There are things that would make my travel easier and challenges to meet and problems to solve, but it wears me out to think of all that. Instead I'm going to focus on this:

Lord, thank You that I can walk through the airport (a wheelchair is available but not necessary). Thank you that I have my husband to lean on (I won't make this trip alone). Thank you: that I can talk clearly (PD for the most part does not affect my speech); for enough money that we will not be hungry while we are gone (I can't wait to sit down to Mexican food!); that we have friends and family there (they are no more perfect than I, but they are precious to me); that I have the strength to make this trip (it may not be as much strength as I want, but it's enough); that I don't have to deal with embarrassing tremors any more (I still don't have the grace of movement I once had, but NO TREMORS!).... And so the list goes on.

The more I think on these, the lighter I feel - the more grateful I am. Lord, please help me not to focus on what I don't have, but on all that You have given me. Thank you, Lord.

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