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Monday, January 23, 2012

The Rest

This morning my husband explained to me that a rest sign on a sheet of music does not mean "a stop or a pause". It is a measured rest. That means it's active. It's not just sitting on your hands, not doing anything. It is a measured rest.

I think Parkinson's Disease is like this. It is not ceasing to be a person and it is not failing to move forward. It is a measured rest. It is productive not counter productive. That means at least a couple of things to me. First, this disease is not forever. It exists within certain limits. And it is a time of rest. Though it is imposed and may not be your choice, nevertheless it is a time of rest. And like the song that is written on a sheet of music, this rest is essential to to the finished piece. Without the measured rest, it would not be the same song! You could not leave it out any more than you could cut notes out.

You are not a problem that has no purpose, Reader! You are not just a pause in life! You are a necessary part of Creation. You are a part of the Master Composer's song.

You may not think you have purpose, especially those of you who do not have loved ones who support you. To any of you out there who are alone, take heart! You aren't really alone. You have been written into the song - you are a part of the symphony. You are known and you are loved. Let the notes of those around you sound out clearly and don't doubt the beauty of the measured rest.


juju said...

How profound! Simply beautiful! Parkinson's has a way of making you feel purposeless and of no value. Your message lifted my spirit. Thank you, Anna!

Anna said...

Thank YOU juju!