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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Truth About Growing

Are you ever disappointed in yourself?  Do you wonder if you will ever get it all right?  Can you think of the last time you did?  Do you ever feel stuck and disadvantaged because of your disease (or whatever your challenge is)?

The truth is without our challenges (otherwise known as heartaches, shattered dreams, or as Paul called it - a thorn in the flesh) we would get nowhere.  We would never get past stage one in our growth process.  We would remain immature and undeveloped.  We won't change unless we are pushed out of the familiar place where we are comfortable.  We won't develope a taste for truth until we have been burned by untruth.  We won't get creative and figure out new ways to get through a day until we can no longer do it the old way.  Growth can be a painful process.  But the key word here is "process".  It doesn't happen all at once just because you know the Truth.  True change happens when as you learn the truth, you choose to incorporate it into your heart, soul and spirit - when it becomes who you are.

My disability has fueled my growth.  It's true that it is a disagreeable teacher, but one from whom my growth has sprung!  Thank you, Lord, for not leaving me unchanged and undeveloped!

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