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Monday, August 20, 2012

He is to be Trusted

Do you know the story - from the Bible - about God telling the Israelites - through Moses - to send spies into the land of Canaan (the Promised Land) to check it out?  They were told to see what the land was like and to bring back a report about whether the inhabitants were weak or strong.  You can read it for yourself in Numbers 13 -14.

They went and brought back a report saying the land was very productive, but the people who inhabited Canaan were powerful and the cities were fortified.  They had forgotten all that God had done for them, and the proof of His love of them.  They did not remember His power to deliver.  They said, "We can't attack these people; they are stronger than we are."  Only Joshua and Caleb spoke of God's protection, saying that they could surely defeat these giants and urged the people not to be afraid.

But the people would not listen.  They refused to take possession of the land God was giving them.  Instead of moving forward they hung back in fear and doubt.  As a result, the people who doubted were never allowed to enter the Promised Land.  The only ones allowed this privilege were Joshua and Caleb.

Have you stopped moving forward because you doubt that God can deliver you from the ravages of Parkinson's Disease?  Are you miserable because you have forgotten that God is sovereign and has given you many reasons to hope in Him?  Do you see only giants and know you are unable to fight the loss of courage?

God wants you to keep advancing, and wants you to fear not because He is in control.  Yes, you have a disease.  But when God's purpose is accomplished and your faith has endured testing, you are that much closer to the Promised Land!

Is your faith weak and you fear you cannot endure one more minute of this burden?  Then pray....   God will strengthen you.  He wants you to come forth  beautiful and whole.  He is asking you to trust Him to apply only the right amount of pressure to your soul, and only for the exact amount of time it takes to bring you forth as pure gold.  You are given a heartbreaking condition.  but trust Him to know what He's doing.

I don't know why you and I have Parkinson's Disease. What could I do about it if I did know?  I don't have to know.  Join me with Joshua and Caleb.  This is part of our journey.  One day it will all be clear.  But today, when I have no answers,  I will trust that He loves me.

Oh, Jesus, You are the good shepherd.  Your voice is well known to me, and I will follow it.

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