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Friday, January 4, 2013

A Bee Without Wings

Sometimes we - who have Parkinson's Disease - or some other heartbreaking disorder - come to feel, and certainly to believe that we are without worth - useless - without purpose.  The only thought we have is that we are a burden and unwanted.  We may even doubt that our loved ones truly cherish us nor feel any joy in us, amidst the many duties that in their goodness they have come to take upon themselves on our behalf. 

This is the WORST feeling; in fact a deadly feeling, if not countered with truth.  If you are a Believer, then you are the recipient of God's grace.  It is true that His grace is the all-inclusive gift to His children in a measure that cannot be measured or counted.  It is manifested in many ways, one of which is His Charity towards us.  Charity is the expression of God's love for us as evidenced by His behavior towards us and inspired by His love for us.

But let me give you a much clearer picture of what Charity is and how it affects you.  This is a quote from a book I came across on my bookshelf just this morning:  "The Egyptian hieroglyphic representing charity is a naked child, with a heart in his hand, and giving honey to a bee without wings.  The child represents the humility of charity, the heart in its hand the cheerfulness of charity, giving honey to a bee without wings represents the worthiness and helpfulness of the object of charity."

Precious ones - you who have been struck down with Parkinson's Disease - you are that bee without wings!  You are precious in His sight and He sees you as worthy, valuable, loved!!!  Today meditate on this tender and wonderful truth and refuse any thoughts counter to this.

It is not the honey that makes the bee valuable, but the bee without even the honey is valued!

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