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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

King of Kings and Lord of Lords

I just want to encourage and lift up those of you who are having a hard time right now.  You are not alone.  The whole world is aching.  Things are upside down out there. We are wounded and slowly bleeding out.   If you are a Believer, you are like a square trying to fit into a round hole!  I have just one word for you:  JESUS.  He is the truth, the light, the all knowing, all powerfull, kind and merciful, forgiver of sins, whose strength never runs out, who can make all things work together for good for His own, who is the revealer of all things hidden, whose understanding is unfathomable.... 

This world is not our home, and we are fast losing our freedom.  Our government does not protect us or even allow us to make wise choices.  Take heart precious one....  He will remove your fear....  In Him you will overcome ALL.  In Him you are safe.  Draw near to Him.  Walk in His shadow.  Never let go!  Don't be deceived.  He is EVERYTHING.

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