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Monday, September 10, 2012

The Difference Between Yesterday and Today

Tell me what you're thinking.  Share your thoughts with me today.  You may think it's not necessary because we talked yesterday, but I need to hear from you today.  Everything is new today.  We are both in a different place today.  You might need reassurance.  I might need reminders.  I know that you loved me yesterday, but do you love me today?  Yesterday the world was different.  Today you will see a different side of me because my challenges call for what you did not see yesterday.  You cannot read my mind, nor I yours.

If you grow impatient with me, just think of this:  I loved you yesterday when things were different.  Today when they are more different still, I love you more.  To repeat it is full affirmation that what has happened today has only deepened this love I have for you.

Make me understand your world today.  I will show you how I love you. Try and understand my world today - and love me.

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