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Thursday, September 6, 2012

To My Son

Today I am thinking of someone dear to me.  I will do my best to make this a good day for this someone.  Before this day is done, I will share with "someone" what I am thinking and how I am feeling:

It is your birthday.  I have awakened with you in my mind and on my heart, where you always are.  Since the time before you were conceived, I made a place for you in my heart.  My soul is knit together with your own.  The enduring and never-ending love of God is made into a mother's love for her son.  Wherever you go - take care that it is a place worthy of a mother's love - because everything you do and everywhere you go - my soul goes too.

I am never willingly separated from you, though when you are absent - my prayers for you never cease.  Every tear I've ever wept for you - every heartache I've ever had for you - and every dream I've ever dreamed for you are stored up in God's heart.

Never forget Who made you.  Never fail to remember He is the source of all hope and never fail to know that when you are trying to be who you were born to be - all things are possible through Him.

I love you beyond measure.  You are my gift on this day of the celebration of your birth.
You were created for a reason - you were born with a purpose.  Find your calling and understand His plan for you.  There you will find strength and know joy.

All my Love,


1 comment:

Sheila Williamson said...

This is so touching, so real and soooo me....LOVE IT and you for sharing...Happy Birthday Skeeter!!!