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Sunday, September 23, 2012

What Does the World See?

Yesterday morning I went out with friends.  I saw a man surrounded by his friends on the beach.  He was in a wheelchair - but not just an ordinary wheelchair....  It had wheels that looked like large intertubes - designed to be pushed through the sand on the beach.  The friend pushed the man into the surf - only enough to wet his feet.  The friend was strong and kept a tight hold on the wheelchair.  The man trusted in the strength and love that the friend had for him.

I wondered if the man had been a surfer or a swimmer.  He obviously had a love for the sea.

It struck me that this friend was like Jesus, who pushes His loved ones through this life in the same way.  He is strong.  He is tender.  He takes us where we cannot go alone.

I wonder who is watching you and who is watching me, and I wonder what picture we make - Jesus and me.    For surely we don't go unnoticed.  And whether we trust in His strength and His love, will be there for all to see, so think - reader ....  What does the world see?

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