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Friday, October 5, 2012

Sixty Second Prayers

My computer has been down and still is out of commission, so I'm writing to you from my son's computer.  Life has been very busy these last few weeks.  We will be moving soon, so I've spent my time packing, throwing away, and organizing.  I can't do as much as I would like to do at one time, but I'm plugging along.  I have set easily attained goals for every day (like I aim to pack two boxes by the end of the day) and I'm surprised at how much I have done.  I stop often during the day and pray very quick prayers.  I find that this is the best way to deal with confusion, fatigue, discouragement and any other trouble that comes my way (and there have been PLENTY).  Sixty second prayers keep me focusing on the right thing and remembering Who my Helper is.
I am satisfied more and more with talking to God about my problems and obstacles and content to wait and see what He says or shows me.  He never fails to answer.  In the first chapter of James, the Bible tells us that if anyone lacks wisdom let him ask God for it.  Then He Who gives generously and without reproach will give it.  But it warns us that we must ask in faith without any doubting because the one who doubts should not expect to receive anything.  Doubting God is not believing that He is Who He says He is or that He will not do what He promises.
I'm not in the same place (emotionally) that I was in the last time I posted on my blog, but then neither are you.  I'm moving ahead and looking forward to the new things that are ahead of me.  Sometimes I'm tempted to worry about going to a new place, making new friends, learning new places, changing doctors, but when those worries try to crowd in, I just start praying.  I will check back with you as I can until once again I can write regularly.  My thoughts are with you....


Kim Haltiwanger said...

we hate to think about you leaving, but know that we can still be friends online and most importantly sisters in Christ forever! I so appreciate your gentleness and wisdom.

Anna said...

Thank you so much! I too hate to leave new and old friends behind, but in this day of fast communications and long range travel made short, you are right! We will continue in friendship on into eternity with our Lord!