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Friday, August 5, 2011

My Saving Grace

Living with Parkinson's Disease takes strength and courage. It is an extreme disease that calls for extreme measures in surviving day to day. Prayer has been my saving grace. Matt Woodley says in his book, "The Folly of Prayer" that, "For the Christian, the essence of prayer is being with Jesus." He says, "Sometimes being with Jesus feels sweet and safe, but at other times prayer may feel like we've been strapped into a Manhattan taxi with a highly skilled crazy cab driver. The cabbie will deliver you to the promised destination, but he may make some high-speed twists, hair-raising turns and skull-jarring bumps that will leave you gasping for air. At times your job is simply to hang on." He also says, "Yes, God is kind and gentle, and prayer can be sweet. However when we pray, we also open our lives to the presence of the most powerful Person in the universe. And he's good but he's not tame. God is utterly undomesticated and at times incomprehensible."

Do you pray to get through your day? Do you pray to Jesus? If you pause to pray today, expect to encounter the Son of God. Expect to be in the presence of a love so great that it will change your life. He is not some magic formula that smoothes our path or that always gives the answers that we want, but He IS the answer to all of our problems. Pause to pray today to the One who can deliver you from your enemy.

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