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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Rainy Days

It has rained buckets and buckets last night and all day. The constant sound of the downpour pelting the windows is somehow soothing. It makes me grateful of all my blessings: I have food, I have shelter, and much more. It's these rainy days that causes the garden to thrive and the beauty of nature to dazzle. So we take opportunities like this to settle down into the big easy chair with a book and something to sip on.
There are rainy days with Parkinson's Disease too. We learn to appreciate the good when confronted with the bad. What we gain and the lessons we learn in the rainy days of PD will nourish us and satisfy us in all of our tomorrows. Life has its ups and downs. We must learn to be content and use what we have learned in the not so comfortable moments of life. You would not have chosen to suffer with PD but take advantage of the doors it has openned. Don't neglect to grab the opportunities you have today because it's raining!


Tonya said...

Hi Anna,

I'm still reading your posts. I just don't have the words to comment. I could have winged it or posted something that sounded good, but I don't want to be a fake.
When my body slows down, which is anytime my meds aren't working or have worn off, my mind slows down right along with it. My words are jumbled and slow, and I can't think of what I want to say. Is it the same for you?
I just want to say 'thank you' for this blog and sharing your thoughts. You have truly helped me in this journey I didn't choose to be on.

Anna said...

Dear Tonya, It's so good to hear from you! You have been on my mind of late.
In answer to your question, yes, sometimes my mind and my mouth are not in sync. Sometimes I can't remember how to spell a word, or figure out what word I want to use............ Sometimes I just get very quiet and take a break from talking.
Sometimes I practice speaking by reading aloud to a tape recorder. Then I can play it back and see what I need to work on. And I also have taken advantage of other ways to communicate or express myself (like blogging). Look for ways to sharpen what has become fuzzy!
I'm so glad that what I write makes a difference to you. Thank you, Tonya.