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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Glacier or Brook?

When a person is conceived, a very tiny life begins to grow within a mother's womb. It grows according to the blueprint in the DNA of this tiny life. It is a body of flesh, and though it is at an immature stage of development, should not be considered less than a life. In the same line of reasoning, a 6 year old child should not be discounted as less than alive because he or she has not reached the heigth of learning and development.

Along with this flesh we inherit genetic predispositions toward certain infirmities, and sometimes even deformities. This is not what God intended originally when He created man in the flesh.

Are we less than alive because we are imperfect or malfunctioning? Do we matter less because we have a disease that challenges us or demands that we do things a different way because to us the "normal" way is impossible? Can we possibly be a blessing to others even though we suffer abnormalities?

The answer is yes! God is able to take a good thing somehow broken, or useless to another, and bring something beautiful and unique from it. Just as the frigid, jagged, frozen glacier that is not safe to inhabit, becomes streams of living water, so it can be with you.

Don't despair because you have a disease or some tragedy that is attached to you that can never be undone which makes you feel tainted. Let God apply the warmth of His love and become someone beautifully unique. The process may be painful. Like the glacier you may feel frozen and useless. But God will use the heat of PD or MS or any other heartache to turn what was solid and unuseable-immovable- into something
beautiful beyond description! You can be like the wild and free water that first rushes down brooks, then pools in quiet seclusion, home and haven to others.

Scripture has this to say about those who open their lives up to Jesus: "He who believes in Me, as the Scripture said, 'From his innermost being shall flow rivers of living water.'" (John 7:38)

You were created to be a life giver. Never mind the challenges and roadblocks of the enemy. Allow Jesus to make you into someone who matters. You are made for loveliness. He will leave the print of love on your life.


Anonymous said...

i look each morning in my inbox to see if you have posted something new. i have both parkinson's and leukemia and a host of lesser things. your profound words of encouragement, hope and truth are a balm to my soul. thank you, friend! know that God is using you in a mighty way. juju

Anna said...

juju - thank you so much for letting me know that this blog is a comfort to you. juju, I pray that God will carve many blessings in your life out of the ice of leukemia and pd. God bless you in an incredible way.