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Monday, April 30, 2012

Pills or Not........

How do you feel about having to take meds? Do you feel guilt and shame for not being able to function without them? Shouldn't we be able to "overcome" our problems and successfully meet our challenges without aids and crutches? Do you think, "I have prayed for a miracle - I've prayed for healing and relief, but my dependence on these meds only increases as time goes by."? Well that's what I used to think. But I have come to realize that my meds are actually the answer to my prayers. Dependence is not the issue, because every day we are dependent upon Him for life and necessities and happiness. We just don't want to rely on those pills. Obviously, if the only way you can move is by taking your meds, then He is saying no to healing without them at this time. Miraculous healing may indeed come at a later time, but He has His reasons for saying no right now. And I think sometimes we must be worked on in time to become worthy of the good gifts He wants to give us. If you were suddenly and completely healed today, would you spend as much time with Him, or be as interested in obeying Him, or would your life be the witness that it is to the sufficiency of His grace? God is not mean and He does not withold good things from His children, but He also does not give His gifts indiscrimently and without preparation. Wouldn't that be like giving a child a loaded gun? The world desperatly needs to see living examples of real people living through the toughest storms that may come. God loves all people so much that He is willing to let you suffer (like His Son) so that others might be saved. Our distress is momentary compared to the glories He has lovingly prepared for all who will come to Him.